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HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD produces defective material and does not warranty their products. Please read about them here:This page is dedicated to understanding HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD, understanding the problems with HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD and preventing problems from HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD products from effecting your company. HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD has two complaints at least filed against them with Alibaba, HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD is unresponsive when there is a problem and HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD should be considered a problematic company. I hope the information on this page might help you form an intelligent opinion of HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD.

HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD produces defective material and does not warranty their products. Please read about them here:We are a latex manufacture and in 2009 we had made contact with HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD to purchase silicones we use in molding of our products. Our sales agent was Wendy and she was most helpful and sent us some kilo samples to test their products. Our tests with their Silicone Rtvs were successful so we put together a small purchase of under 500 kilos of silicone oil, and two types of silicone Rtvs.

When the shipment arrive after paying bribes and ridiculous taxes to get the materials into our factory in Thailand we wrote to Wendy and told her the silicones were very different from the samples and we were having to use a great deal of catalyst to cure. We vulcanize our latex product in precision ovens at 100c the entire process was told to Wendy when we were studying the purchase. The first sample forms we made with the silicones absolute blew up in the oven with the forms being covered with delaminated bubbles some 10cm across and the forms were oily. We of course contact Wendy and she said we must be doing something wrong. In saying this she is talking to the same person who did the first test on the sample silicones sent and also is a Polymer Chemist. Wendy is a 20 year old Chinese sales woman.

To make it worse in the packing slip they did not list the number of liter bottle of catalyst and they pack two bottles at the bottom of two 25 kilo pails of RTV which leaked and ruined the silicone. If we would have known to look for them we would have pulled up the 25 kilo bags of silicone packed in buckets to find them.

Of course we went around with these people for literally years but I will try to make a long story shorter. We kept calling the company asking for a manager and each time we were assigned to another 20 year old Chinese girl. Three time including Wendy we were told we had a defective batch of silicone and it would be replaced at no cost to us. HONG YE JIE TECHNOLOG CO.,LTD even told Alibaba they were still negotiating with us when they had actually stopped responding to us month before. We have had no response from them in over a year now. A very good test with them is to ask for a manager, very good chance your sales person will also be your manager.
Bottom line is this purchase is too small to put into an international court. In fact it is so small it says a lot about the company if they don’t just replace it but argue about it over a few thousand dollar order how much could the company be selling. If we have any complaints from our customer we take care of them and they keep coming back. There appears to be no management within the company and a good chance they don’t even make silicone but might buy it from another company. The silicone we purchased was very oily which suggests they buy a very viscous silicone and repack it with silicone oil. The forms if heated get very oily which tells me the silicone is not vulcanizing with the oil additive. The forms also almost immediately start to disintegrate with heat. One of the managers even told us the silicones will not work above 100c. Industry standard on an RTV is 160.

We of course have containers of unusable silicone so if we can help you we are more than happy to send you both a true sample of the cured material and a sample uncured. If you are a company who has purchased from these people and have a problem please contact us so we can try to work together to prevent other companies from making our mistake.




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