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The History of MakupArtist and Female Masks

Female  MaskAs many of you know MakupArtist has been around for almost thirty years. It was not until the Nineties that we produced our first Female Mask Cindy. We were working with an independent film and the films director contacted us to make this mask. They were aware of the quality of our Foam Latex Masks and needed a girl with near perfect skin, so Cindy was born.
Female Mask Cindy was based on a Model from Czech Republic where our studios were located at the time. We completed the mask and the film was made but at that time we had just started to list some products on eBay. We decided to put the Cindy Female Mask up on eBay to see how it would do. Much to our surprise we had people bidding against each other and had some masks go for as much as $600. We were blown away and put another and another up and sure enough the same thing. Because of this we saw a market and created a line of 11 Female Masks which has grown today to 13.
A lot has changed since then. The market is now saturated with lots of manufactures. We have steadily improved both the quality of our products and design and functionality and of course the Chinese are saturating the market with garbage. We also added all the Foam latex Breast products. We want to thank you for your years of commitment to our company and will continue to make advancements an innovation and we do have new Female masks planned!



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