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MakupArtist - Halloween Masks, Female Masks and Costuming

MakupArtist - Halloween Masks, Female Masks and Costuming Are you looking for Fetish Masks, Latex Breasts, Female Masks or Halloween Masks? You have come to the right place!

Female Masks MakupArtist Manufactures the finest Foam Latex Masks, Costumes, latex clothing and Latex Accessories in the world. Maybe you are thinking of something unique for a transformation, dressing up for a Halloween party, or maybe you are making an independent film. MakupArtist is your one stop shop for all your costuming Halloween Mask and general masking needs.Our products are all designed using film Special FX Technologies.

Fetish MasksOur products are not like any others in the world. Here you will find unique designs using the most unique materials in in existence. This web site has been a long time in the works and we hope it enhances your shopping experience. Please feel free to browse around and drop us a note if you have any questions or feedback. We will be adding more information pages and products so check often.

Latex Breasts

MakupArtist now has a new Video section with our first video the I-cup Shake showing the natural movement of our I-cup Breast Torso Please just click on the Video link to start viewing and downloading

Carnival Masks MakupArtist‘s new line of Carnival Masks. These are the only foam latex Carnival Masks in the world. These masks are perfect for parties, Carnival and Mardi Gras or Venetian Masks, or any festive occasion. Please take a few moment to look over this unique and interesting new product!

Robotic SkinMakupArtist makes Robotic skin? Yes you hear right we now are producing a skin for Robots. This Robotic Skin is a unique combination of our Foam Latex embossed with silicone. This principle allows us to attach all kinds of interesting things to a Robotic Skin. You will find our new Robot Skin just one click away..

MakupArtist News

  • Every thing is still on sale and we are doing everything to drive down prices!

  • You will notice many items and services in the store are reducing in price. We are trying everthing possible to lower overheads and get you better prices.

  • Big new product is our line of Robotic Heads, Android Heads and Drown Heads. We plan to expand this line. No longer do you have to puzzle at what I am going to use for a head for my Robot.. We are starting with our Cindy mask but anything in the catalog we can do. We also of course do custom work.

  • Please join us on facebook have a wonderful spring


The Big Latex Mastasia Breast!


Our new big Mammas just got bigger with a full assortment of costumes. Hands down could be the best costume of 2011 just take a peak in the Big Mamma section

New Female Breast Torso F-cup and J-cup Breast Enhancement!

 J-cup Breast TorsoTwo New Silicone Filled Foam Latex Breast Torso Breast Enhancements. Yes you heard right we have redesigned the entire Breast Enhancement line with the addition of an F-cup and a massive J-cup. Also with the addition of these new models we have redone our molds making our torsos longer then before so they now can be ordered beyond your waist and also you have a new option of a crotch strap to hold them down and three sizes of nipples to chose from. For more info please take a look at our Latex Breast Enhancement section.

New MakupArtist Female Breast Bra Breast Enhancement!

Free EMS shipping till March!

 BreastOnce again breaking all preconceptions of the way Breast Enhancements should be our new MakupArtist Silicone filled Latex Breast Bra is done. This unique product utilizes our artistic Natural Breast design with a balanced, easy to put on and take off appliance for Breast Enhancement. You can read more about it in our Latex Breast Enhancement section. These products are all custom so it is possible to order one breast larger then another for customers who have had Mastectomies.

New MakupArtist Human Hair Eyebrows!

eyebrowAs we advance to make our products more and more realistic we bring you the first Human Hair Eyebrows for our Latex Masks. These Mask Eyebrows come in four colors Blond, Brunette, Black and Red and can be purchased to fit our masks or other manufacture masks or glued on to yourself. You will find more info in the Human Hair section and a drop down box for purchase on any of our mask selections. Our eyebrows can be applied to any of our Female Mask, our Halloween Mask, Limited editions or Fetish masks. Many people are looking for a way to make their Halloween applications and Halloween masks more realistic and this is a very good option to achieve this.

Professional Makeup Artist!

 Have you ever thought how great it would be to have your own Special FX Department full of Professional Makeup Artists. Or maybe you have thought about being a Makeup Artist yourself Or maybe you are a Professional Makeup Artist. In our ever changing world of computers and the internet it is no longer necessary to go to Hollywood to find technologies in special effects. Lets face it LA is full of cars and almost all that live there dream about getting out. 20 years ago it was impossible for regular people to contact Professional Makeup Artists. Well that has change.

And if you are a Professional Makeup Artist. No kit foam latex here but the top foaming pros in the world working with the top foam latex formula in world..Send us any form and we will foam it for you, let our experienced staff get you that Academy Award! Can you imaging a foam piece being sent to you with out flaw? This is a call to all Professional Makeup Artists and those Pro Makeup Artist wannabe's to send us your challenge we will make your dream become reality! It is no wonder we have a call from at least one Independent Film Maker per week now.

New Metallic Foam Latex Halloween Masks!

metalic latexFinally New Metallic Mask!!! MakupArtist Breaks the Metallic Barrier with our new Metallic finish Foam Latex Halloween Masks. The more light you have the shiner it gets. Deep rich metallic finishes permanent and elastic. We are just getting this product line set up so watch for many colors coming, Full metallic body suits and metallic highlighted masks

There is not a single manufacture of Latex masks in the world that is listening to you better or willing to put the time in to produce the products of you dreams. The products include Female Latex masks, Female Masks, Special production Female Mask, Latex Breasts and Breast form Products, Mardi Gras Masks, Professional Makeup Artist Products and Rubber Specialty products, Rubber Adhesives and Latex Putty and don't forget that Halloween Mask of your dreams. We only wish to create the Pallet of your dreams just close your eyes and wish!

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